Over a decade deep into its ongoing sonic explorations, Dubfire’s SCI+TECimprint remains at the very forefront of electronic music. Delving further still into uncharted territories, the internationally acclaimed label is now steadily on course for the next 10 years; having established not only constant contributions from the likes of Carlo Lio, SHADED, Johnny Trika and Alex Mine to name just a few, but developing a core SCI+TEC “sound” in the process.
Its feet firmly on the dance floor, its spirit immersed inside the machines and sights always set on the future, the label has continuously plowed its own musical furrow literally from day 1. With breakthrough Dubfire releases such as ‘Roadkill’ and ‘RibCage,’ SCI+TEC has managed to create a whole new framework for 21st century Techno; having consistently championed and encouraged new and unsung talent from around the world, amplifying legions of rising and established names; Maksim Dark (Russia), The Junkies (Canada), Davide Squillace (Italy), Paul Ritch (France), Raul Facio (USA), The Deals (Spain), Andrew (Hungary), Wigbert (Germany), WHYT NOYZ (UK) and countless others over more than 200 releases.
This precision balance of future-forward Techno ideology, and nurturing new ideas via promising talent, has led to SCI+TEC’s perpetual movement into every house and Techno DJ’s playlists over the past 10 years. Be it the label’s penchant for downward, undulating dubby grooves, or its passion for warehouse-razing thunder-powered techno, the SCI+TEC sound covers every corner of the dance floor and every chapter of the night; as proven not only by the label’s eclectic roster but many global events under the guidance of lead curator and techno innovator Dubfire. And proven once again by last year’s fittingly stacked anniversary album,10 Years of SCI+TEC, which favored new, unreleased music rather than succumbing to a predictably nostalgic exercise.
All but resting on its laurels, SCI+TEC has continued to manifest its love for sonic endeavors through a string of hard-hitting releases, even managing to bring together head honcho Dubfire with the unmistakable and endearing presence of Miss Kittin (‘Exit’ and ‘Ride’), not to mention his long-time collaboration with Hamburg’s finest, Oliver Huntemann, culminating in the duo’sgiantRetrospectovoalbum (featuring their string of critically acclaimed and floor-crushingElementsreleases). Proving that the grey area between House and Techno can be a virtual hub of untapped creativity, SCI+TEC continues to inspire, nurture and develop uncompromising young talent from across the globe while allowing more prominent artists to flex their inventive muscles.